ImpediMed provides information about coding, coverage, and payment for tests performed with the SOZO Digital Health Platform. Reimbursement information applies to the United States healthcare system. For other countries, please contact your local representative.

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Reimbursement for L-Dex® Analysis for Lymphedema

L-Dex Coding Guide

  • Category 1 CPT® Code 93702
  • ICD-10 codes: breast cancer (, lymphedema (I89.9), melanoma (C43.x)

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Case Assistance Program

In addition to answering general coding and reimbursement questions, our reimbursement team offers the L-Dex Case Assistance Program:

  • Expedite insurance coverage and appeals
  • Manage all stages of pre-authorization and appeal of denied claims
  • Exhaust all appeal options

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Reimbursement for HF-Dex Analysis for Heart Failure

HF-Dex Coding Guide

  • Category 1 CPT® Code 93701
  • ICD-10 code: heart failure (I50.x),

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