Stopping Lymphedema Starts with PREVENT - Final 3-Year Primary Endpoint Results Published


ImpediMed provides information about coding, coverage, and payment for tests performed with the SOZO Digital Health Platform. Reimbursement information applies to the United States healthcare system. For other countries, please contact your local representative.

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ImpediMed Reimbursement Coding Guides

Comprehensive CPT® Coding Guides are available to help current customers navigate the reimbursement landscape for the SOZO® Digital Health Platform. To access our coding guides, please click download and complete the form. You will then be directed to the download page.

The following guides are available for access to current customers:

ImpediMed Reimbursement Services

ImpediMed features complimentary and optional support to successfully develop a reimbursement implementation plan and workflow that fits each organization’s unique needs.We are committed to securing coverage and improving patient access to medically necessary care. Our Reimbursement services are fully compliant with HIPAA and guidelines from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG).

Please contact us for more information.