NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®) for Survivorship

Prevent Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema with Early Detection

The SOZO Digital Health Platform is the only FDA-cleared bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) solution for the clinical assessment of lymphedema. BIS is the most advanced method of using bioimpedance measurements to assess fluid levels and tissue composition.

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SOZO Quick & Simple

Quick & Simple Test

A SOZO test is fast and may be performed by any member of the care team. Results are instantly available at the point of care and through the MySOZO web‑based portal, and may be integrated with your EHR for auto-documentation.

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Early & Accurate Detection

Our patented bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) technology can detect lymphedema as early as the subclinical stage (stage 0) before noticeable swelling, allowing for early intervention to stop progression to chronic lymphedema1.

The L-Dex® score, utilizing BIS, provides an accurate and quick output of lymphedema-related fluid changes in the limbs, supporting consistent monitoring for your lymphedema screening standard of care.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Clinical Practice Guidelines recommend BIS for Lymphedema Screening

Clinical Evidence

Clinical Evidence

PREVENT is the Largest Randomized Clinical Trial to Assess Lymphedema Prevention

Lymphedema Prevention Program

Lymphedema Prospective Surveillance Model

Motivate patients to comply with treatment. ImpediMed’s Lymphedema Prevention Program (LPP) is an Evidence-Based Protocol for Optimal Patient Outcomes

Unlock Powerful Patient Data for Coordinated Care

With L-Dex Analytics, access patient trending data at the point of care and across care teams for comprehensive lymphedema surveillance.

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Secure Patient Data


  • Data stored in the HIPAA-compliant cloud is encrypted in-motion and at rest
  • HiTrust-Certified

SOZO Privacy & Security


  • Compatible with leading EHR systems

SOZO Architecture (US)

Improve Patient Access to Lymphedema Care

ImpediMed partners with you to implement a lymphedema prospective surveillance model that supports your existing patient workflow.

  • SOZO’s BIS testing has a Category 1 CPT code (93702) and is covered by Medicare and a growing number of national private payors
  • ImpediMed provides complimentary reimbursement support to improve patient access to testing

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Software Specifications

SOZOapp: Android 8.1 or greater / iOS v13 or greater
MySOZO: Chrome or Edge Chromium or Firefox browser
SOZO Outputs: L-Dex® lymphedema index, HF-Dex® heart failure index, Total body water, Extracellular fluid, Intracellular fluid, Hy-Dex® hydration analysis Skeletal muscle mass, Fat mass, Fat-free Mass, Protein and minerals, Basal metabolic rate, Phase angle, Body mass index, Weight, Segmental outputs

Hardware Specifications

Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab A / iPad
Weight Capacity: Standing: 375lb / 170 kg, Sitting: 750 lb / 340 kg
Weight: SOZO Device: 10.0 lb / 4.5 kg, SOZOsupport Stand: 25.5 lb / 11.6 kg
Dimensions: 51.1 x 17.5 x 25.5 in / 129.8 x 44.5 x 64.8 cm
Sensors: 8 stainless steel electrodes
Frequency Scan: 3 to 1000 kHz (256 frequencies)
Measurement Speed: Less than 30 seconds


  1. Ridner SH, et al. A Comparison of Bioimpedance Spectroscopy or Tape Measure Triggered Compression Intervention in Chronic Breast Cancer Lymphedema Prevention. Lymphatic Research and Biology 2022.