Segmental BodyComp Analysis

Inspire your patients to care for their whole self. Know the composition of their arms and legs with advanced technology for point-of-care segmental body composition analysis.

SOZO Software Version 4.1

Improve Program and Patient Management with Actionable, Real-Time Data Features

ImpediMed SOZO Segmental BodyComp Analysis Detailed Analysis

Detailed Analysis

  • Detailed analysis of the fluid, muscle, and lean soft tissue composition of each arm and each leg.
  • Skeletal muscle assessment to track cancer-treatment related side effects in arms or legs.
  • History graphs facilitate data interpretation at-a-glance.

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Validated Outputs

  • Uses ImpediMed’s patented BIS technology with 256 different frequencies up to 1,000 kHz
  • Segmental BodyComp skeletal muscle mass measurement correlates highly with MRI1
  • Segmental BodyComp lean soft tissue measurement correlates highly with dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA)2

ImpediMed SOZO Segmental BodyComp Analysis Validated Data

ImpediMed SOZO Segmental BodyComp Analysis Precision Insights

Precision Insights

  • Two limbs with the same volume can have different composition – know the difference
  • Detect changes in fluid, muscle, and lean soft tissue
  • Identify asymmetry between right and left limbs
  • Know the impact of targeted treatments to decrease fluid volume or increase muscle mass
  • Help your patients set healthy targets such as maintaining muscle mass or increasing functional strength

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SOZO Digital Health Platform

SOZO Digital Health Platform

SOZO uses ImpediMed’s BIS technology to measure and track critical information about the human body to aid clinicians in managing chronic disease and maximizing patient health. SOZO is non-invasive, fast, and easy to use. Results from the 30-second test* are available immediately providing proactive patient care including early detection of disease progression, treatment monitoring, and patient education.

*As tested on Android

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  1. Kaysen, GA et al. Estimation of total-body and limb muscle mass in hemodialysis patients by using multifrequency bioimpedance spectroscopy. Am J Clin Nutr 2005. 82:988-95. Patient population is hemodialysis patients.
  2. Tests performed by and data on file at ImpediMed.