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Founded and headquartered in Brisbane, Australia with US and European operations, ImpediMed is a medical technology company that uses bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) technology to generate powerful data to maximise patient health.

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Growth Through SOZO SaaS Subscription-Based Model

ImpediMed produces a family of FDA-cleared and CE-marked medical devices, including SOZO® for multiple indications, including heart failure, lymphoedema, and protein calorie malnutrition, sold in select markets globally. ImpediMed’s connected digital health platform and large, attractive and growing markets present an opportunity for continued strong growth through its SOZO SaaS subscription-based business.

Growth Through SOZO SaaS Subscription-based Model

SOZO Business Performance

Q1 FY’24


YoY^ in the Core Business^^


YoY^ in the Core Business^^


ARRi 1-YR Out
Before another SOZO is sold


SOZO Systems Sold
in U.S.


Across the Business


Across all SOZO Systems

All FY’24 revenue and cash flow numbers are unaudited.
All figures are stated in Australian dollars (AUD) unless otherwise notated.
^ YoY denotes Year-over-Year change in metric.
^^ The Core Business relates primarily to the Group’s Oncology business.
i Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR): The amount of revenue reasonably expected to be booked for a given 12-month period of time based on existing signed contracts, assuming installation upon sale, and assuming no churn.
Total Contract Value (TCV): Total value of customer contracts including one-time and recurring revenue.
Contracted Revenue Pipeline (CRP): Future period revenue amounts related to TCV that are yet to be reported as recognised revenue.
CRP, ARR and TCV are non-IFRS financial metrics that do not represent revenue in accordance with Australian Accounting Standards.

Market Performance

4C Q1 FY'24

Quarterly Results Conference Call

4C Q1 FY'24

Quarterly Results Investor Presentation

MAY 2023

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ImpediMed Limited is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). Trading in its securities is under the ticker code on ASX of “IPD” for ordinary shares.

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To update shareholder contact information or submit transfer documents, please contact ImpediMed’s share register service provider:

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Shares may be bought on market through any Australian stock broker, or through on-market trades, via a number of international brokerage houses. If you are a potential investor needing information on how to trade in shares through an international brokerage house, please contact:

ImpediMed maintains an active communications program with investors and the market.

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ImpediMed’s share register is managed by Link Market Services Limited.

ImpediMed is focused on reducing our carbon footprint whilst providing you with timely corporate updates and disclosures.

Recent legislative changes to the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) mean there are new options for how ImpediMed shareholders receive communications. ImpediMed will no longer send physical meeting documents unless a shareholder requests a copy to be mailed.

Electronic communication has the added advantage of being timelier and more cost effective, which benefits all shareholders, and ImpediMed encourages all shareholders to provide an email address so we can communicate with you electronically when shareholder notices become available online, for items such as meeting documents, dividend statements and annual reports.

Shareholders can still elect to receive some or all of their communications in physical or electronic form. To review your communication preference, or sign up to receive your shareholder communications via email, please update your details at the Link Investor Centre

If you are a Shareholder and require an additional copy of a communication, need further information about the options available to you or have questions about your holding, visit the Link Investor Centre or contact the Registry:

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