NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®) for Survivorship

L-Dex® Analytics

Optimize Patient Outcomes With Reporting and Insights Generated Directly From Your SOZO® Data

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LPP Protocol Compliance Dashboard

LPP Protocol Compliance Dashboard helps optimize workflows and patient outcomes of your Lymphedema Prevention Program (LPP).

  • Shows patients in need of their next L-Dex test
  • Identifies patients above the L-Dex trigger for subclinical lymphedema
  • Tracks patient compliance to LPP testing protocol for five year

Analytics LPP Protocol Compliance

Analytics Program Management

Program Management Dashboard

Program Management Dashboard tracks utilization of L-Dex on your SOZO devices.

  • Optimize SOZO locations to maximize patient access to testing
  • Evaluate utilization for internal budget cycle and progress reports
  • Ensure patient care goals are met

Demographics Dashboard

Demographics Dashboard illustrates your L-Dex patient population.

  • Understand the demographics of your L-Dex patient population
  • Confirm your patients have baseline measurements
  • Identify patients with elevated L-Dex scores

Analytics Demographics

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