SOZO® Digital Health Platform

SOZO uses ImpediMed’s BIS technology to measure and track critical information about the human body to aid clinicians in managing chronic disease and maximizing patient health. SOZO is non-invasive, fast, and easy to use. Results from the 30-second test are available immediately providing proactive patient care including early detection of disease progression, treatment monitoring, and patient education.

SOZO 4.0 Reimagined

Medical applications for SOZO


Early detection and ongoing monitoring of treatment

Heart failure

Fluid status monitoring for patients living with HF

Physical therapy

Fluid status and tissue composition analysis to monitor progress

More about SOZO

SOZO measures 256 unique data points over a wide spectrum of frequencies from 3 kHz to 1000 kHz to provide a detailed fluid and tissue analysis, including the L-Dex score, to establish patient baselines and monitor trends over time. The FDA-cleared, CE-marked and ARTG-listed digital health platform aids in the early detection of secondary lymphedema, provides fluid status for patients living with heart failure, and can be used to monitor and maintain overall health.


unique frequencies

3 kHz to 1000 kHz

frequency range


Key benefits

SOZO is noninvasive, easy to use, painless and efficient, delivering results in less than 30 seconds. A single SOZO measurement provides critical patient data, including:

Results in
less than



  • – L-Dex lymphedema analysis
  • – Total body water (TBW)
  • – Extracellular fluid (ECF)
  • – Intracellular fluid (ICF)
  • – Fat-free mass (FFM)
  • – Fat mass (FM)
  • – Skeletal muscle mass (SMM)
  • – Protein and minerals
  • – Basal metabolic rate (BMR)
  • – Phase angle
  • – Body mass index (BMI)

Hardware and software

The core component is a physical medical device with hand and foot plates (SOZOtouch and SOZOstep), typically attached to a pedestal and controlled with an Android tablet pre-installed with the SOZOapp. All user accounts, patient records, measurement data, and other calculated measures and trends are stored in the proprietary and secure MySOZO cloud.

For technical information, see SOZO FAQs.

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