ImpediVET Launched at Experimental Biology for Lab Animal Research

ImpediMed Inc. launched a bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) device for laboratory animal body composition and fluid compartment analysis during the Experimental Biology conference held April 29 to May 1 in Washington DC. The ImpediVET provides rapid assessment of fat and fat free mass as well as total body water, intra- and extra-cellular fluid volume. The portable device can be easily taken into clean rooms or other environments where research testing may occur. Complete analysis time including set up is approximately 5 minutes per subject. Unlike single frequency bioimpedance devices of the past (BIA), the ImpediVET uses a complex impedance plot of 256 distinct frequencies to provide a direct measure of fluid compartment status. Fat and Fat-Free Mass are then determined using constants derived from DEXA or reference methods. Software provided with the device allow further data analysis and export to Excel or Access database programs. For further information, please contact ImpediMed, Inc toll free at 877.247.0111, extension 2. Product information is also available