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New software version 4.0:
Intuitive Redesign, Powerful Data, Enhanced Security

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ImpediMed Academy: SOZO® Reimagined.
Maximize Patient Health with NEW Software Version 4.0

Impedimed Academy

Get the most out of your SOZO! Explore the latest features and assessment tools from software version 4.0 including powerful new body composition and segmental analysis outputs. Watch overview of the latest software interface, clinical applications, and case studies leveraging new output data.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover how powerful new assessment data outputs provide specific, precise and actionable results to maximize patient health
  • Learn and explore the new functions and features and how to navigate software version 4.0

Adam Brown, International Business Manager, ImpediMed
Elaine Fielding, Clinical Implementation Specialist, ImpediMed


Intuitive Redesign

Now SOZO is even easier to use. The fresh user interface makes finding and reviewing data a breeze. New custom tags and notes support clinical decision-making. Integrated results and history screens bring all your data into one place for comprehensive data review at-a-glance.

Intuitive Redesign


Powerful Data

Maximize patient health with SOZO’s L-Dex® Analysis for Lymphedema, Body Composition Analysis, Segmental Analysis, and HF-Dex™ Analysis for Heart Failure. The new Body Composition Analysis combines fluid and tissue results into one. New Body Composition reference ranges facilitate data interpretation. The new Segmental Analysis provides detailed composition of the arms and legs.

Advanced Privacy and Security

New features take SOZO’s HiTrust-certified data protections even further. The patient list is now hidden for privacy. New Single Sign On (SSO) reduces extra passwords and improves ease-of-use. New Multi-factor authentication (MFA) minimizes risk of unauthorized access.

Advanced Security

SOZO Software Version Feature Comparison

SOZO Software Version Feature Comparison

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