Richard Valencia

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

Richard "Rick" Valencia was appointed Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer in December 2022. Rick has over 30 years of leadership in the healthcare and technology industry sectors with a background rooted in corporate strategy execution, market disruption, M&A, organizational development, deal structuring, value creation, growth and transformation, and strategic partnerships. He is renowned for building exceptional management teams to implement change in the delivery of services to a broad customer base in the areas of connectivity of medical monitoring devices and solutions to improve electronic health record applications via digital health and cloud-based SaaS platforms.

Prior to his current role, Rick was Chairman & CEO of WaveForm Diabetes, and a Board member at Tandem Diabetes Care. He also was Senior Vice President at Qualcomm Incorporated and the founder and President of Qualcomm’s healthcare business, Qualcomm Life. There he led a team focused on client relationships at over 2,500 hospitals globally and numerous top pharmaceutical, medical device and health insurance companies. He also founded and provided oversight to Qualcomm’s digital health venture fund and the Rx Capital, a digital therapeutics venture fund in partnership with Novartis. Rick has also played an active role in founding, financing and growing numerous other businesses.
Rick Valencia, ImpediMed CEO