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Heart Failure Early Adopter Program

Identify the optimal fluid volume range for your patient. Go beyond the scale with HF-Dex, the newest technology for point-of-care heart failure fluid assessment. Interested in signing up for our early adopter program?

ImpediMed SOZO Device featuring HF-Dex Analysis

Leaders in BIS Technology

ImpediMed is the leader in the design and manufacture of medical devices using bioimpedance spectroscopy. The HF-Dex Analysis for Heart Failure, available on the SOZO® device, is a new point-of-care heart failure fluid assessment. Defined as extracellular fluid volume as a percent of total body water volume, HF-Dex is an objective measure of fluid burden to help clinicians manage heart failure patients.

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Gain Insight into Disease Progression or Treatment Success

Know your patient’s fluid volumes and track changes over time to identify the optimal fluid range for your patient:

  • Know your patient’s fluid status
  • Work with your patients to set healthy targets
  • Track changes in fluid status over time
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and highlight success

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ImpediMed SOZO HF-Dex Analysis for Heart Failure Inform Decisions

Heart Failure Early Adopter Program Details

ImpediMed Provides

  • Discounted access to SOZO and the HF-Dex Analysis for Heart Failure
  • Software updates included
  • Dedicated clinical implementation specialist
  • Comprehensive training and education
  • Reimbursement support

Early Adopter Site Provides

  • Sharing best practices related to implementing SOZO for the management of heart failure patients
  • Input into workflow for using SOZO in a clinical setting
  • Feedback on software and impact on patient care

Requirements for Participation

  • Dedicated use of SOZO for monitoring heart failure patients including
    • Heart failure specialty practice
    • Heart failure clinic
    • Hospital in-patient
  • Physician sponsor to oversee early adopter program
  • Geographic location in the United States

Heart Failure Early Adopter Program Application Form

Our Heart Failure Early Adopter Program is available to heart failure healthcare professionals in the United States for a limited period of time.
Participants will be included on a first-come-first-serve basis. Sign up today to get involved!


Heart Failure Resources

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Discover Patient Insights Available with HF-Dex

ImpediMed SOZO Device featuring HF-Dex Analysis

SOZO Digital Health Platform

SOZO uses ImpediMed’s BIS technology to measure and track critical information about the human body to aid clinicians in managing chronic disease and maximizing patient health. SOZO is non-invasive, fast, and easy to use. Results from the 30-second test* are available immediately providing proactive patient care including early detection of disease progression, treatment monitoring, and patient education.

*As tested on Android

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