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L-Dex® Reimbursement: Best Practices for Building a Successful Lymphedema Prevention Program

Featured Faculty:
Leslie Vassar, OTR/L, Director, ProMedica Total Rehab
Chelsey Jaworski, Senior Director, Onboarding & Reimbursement, ImpediMed


L-Dex Reimbursement

The reimbursement landscape is ever changing. Join Leslie Vassar, Director of Rehab for ProMedica and Chelsey Jaworski, industry leader in medical policy and payer relations, as they share practical strategies to optimize patient access to your Lymphedema Prevention Program. They will discuss best practices for setting up streamlined testing and billing processes that integrate into existing workflows. Bring your questions and join us for the LIVE Q&A!

Learning Objectives:

  • How to optimize patient access to lymphedema prevention services
  • Establishing streamlined workflows
  • Best practices from real-world experience


Meet our Faculty

Leslie Vassar, OTR/L
Leslie Vassar, OTR/L
Director, ProMedica Total Rehab
Leslie Vassar is the Director of Rehab for ProMedica Total Rehab. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from The Ohio State University and has been employed at ProMedica Total Rehab since 1993. Leslie has been working with the Lymphedema Team at ProMedica Total Rehab at Flower since March of 2020 and the ImpediMed Reimbursement program since October 2021. ProMedica recently expanded their SOZO program to a second location at ProMedica Monroe Regional Hospital as of May 2022.
Director, ProMedica Total Rehab
Chelsey Jaworski
Sr. Director, Onboarding & Reimbursement, ImpediMed
Chelsey Jaworski is the Senior Director, Onboarding & Reimbursement and leads ImpediMed’s Case Assistance Program, which works to resolve provider disputes with a wide variety of payers and insurance plans. Chelsey has over 20 years of extensive real-world experience navigating the pre-authorization process, insurance protocols and policies, and providing education on new products, systems, and procedures. She is adept at providing effective reimbursement pathways and coverage solutions for a diverse range of healthcare entities, including physicians, hospitals, ASCs, and medical device manufacturers.
ImpediMed SOZO Device featuring L-Dex Analysis

Learn More About SOZO®

SOZO uses ImpediMed’s BIS technology to measure and track critical information about the human body to aid clinicians in managing chronic disease and maximizing patient health. SOZO is non-invasive, fast, and easy to use. Results from the 30-second test* are available immediately providing proactive patient care including early detection of disease progression, treatment monitoring, and patient education.

*As tested on Android

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