Stopping Lymphedema Starts with PREVENT - Final 3-Year Primary Endpoint Results Published

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Lymphedema Management Using SOZO® with L-Dex®

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CPT Code 93702 with Demonstrated Reimbursement

Nashville Breast Center, Dr. Pat Whitworth

Impedimed SOZO® L-Dex®: Practice Economics
(1 SOZO, performed with vital signs at check in or in PT/OT Therapist visit)

Nashville Breast Center
1 yr September 2019
Nashville Breast Center
1 yr September 2020
Example Subscription $1,500/mo $18,000 $18,000
Reimbursement (Combined Payments) $29,901 $37,943
Number Test performed 858 909
Number tests needed to break even 516 432
CMS Medicare 2021
Example Subscription $1,500/mo $18,000
Reimbursement (Combined Payments) $143
Number Test performed
Number tests needed to break even 126

Bottom line:

  • Best care (lymphedema prevention, patient peace of mind and quality of life)
  • Provided with positive revenue considering cost of equipment and personnel

Successful practices at Nashville Breast Center

  • No charge to patient if claim is denied; OR $20 with ABN (two forms: Medicare and Commercial)
  • Mixed payer coverage
  • Billers/administration must be included

Impedimed cannot guarantee reimbursement coverage.

Dallas Surgical Group, Dr. Peter Beitsch

ImpediMed SOZO Practice Economics, Jan 2020-June 2020

Insurance Company Patients Patients w Reimbursement Total Amount Collected
Aetna 29 0 0
Blue Cross 68 18 $2,891
Cigna 29 4 $514
United 40 4 $506
Wellmed 8 8 $1,074
Misc non-government 9 5 $799
Medicare – Novitas 76 65 $8,600
Medicaid 9 3 $429
Total 268 107 (40%) $14,813 (avg $138)

Success practices at Dallas Surgical Group

  • 1 SOZO L-Dex performed by MA with vital signs at check-in
  • Patients with sub-clinical lymphedema provided Rx for compression garments
  • No charge to patient if claim denied; or charge to patient with use of ABN

Impedimed cannot guarantee reimbursement coverage.

Third Party Reimbursement Support

L-Dex Coding Guide

  • Category 1 CPT Code 93702
  • ICD-10 codes: breast cancer (, lymphedema (I89.9), melanoma (C43.x)

Coding Guide

Denied Claims Appeals

  • Complimentary service offered through MCRA
  • To learn more and sign-up, email:

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Improved Patient Outcomes

NCCN Guidelines® »
Recommend to “educate, monitor, and refer for lymphedema management”

Meta-Analysis »
In a meta-analysis of more than 67,000 women, bioimpedance was found to reduce the rate of breast cancer-related lymphedema by 81% compared to tape measure (3% with bioimpedance vs. 17% circumference, p<0.05)

The PREVENT randomized trial interim analysis demonstrated a 95% reduction in progression to chronic lymphedema at 1 year

PREVENT Radiation Analysis »
L-Dex discriminates risk of breast cancer related lymphedema risk by the extent of axillary surgery and radiation unlike circumference measurements

L-Dex Clinical Practice Guidelines »
Clinical guidelines are available to create a schedule for measurements and intervention

L-Dex Cost Analysis »
L-Dex can be incorporated into the clinic with limited time added to visits and represents a cost-savings as compared to circumference measurements

5th Primary Vital Sign® »
Workflow best practices: place SOZO right next to scale at check-in and bill independently from APM in follow up visits

Exclusive TME Savings – $21,195 in Total Savings

SOZO® Digital Health Platform with L-Dex®

Standard Pricing Exclusive TME Pricing
SOZO Device $9,995 $1,995
Monthly L-Dex software subscription $1,500 for 36 months No payments for 1st three months!
$1,150 per month for 36 months
Installation support
Webinar training
Practice implementation support
$595 Included

Pricing is per SOZO unit. Applies to new L-Dex contracts only. Offer expires March 31, 2021.

What to Expect by Partnering with ImpediMed

  • Dedicated clinical specialist that consults with you and your staff
  • Comprehensive staff training
  • Customized playbook at no charge

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