Accardi, A. et al.

Correlation of Limb Bioimpedance to Echocardiographic Indicators of Congestion in Patients with NYHA Class II/III Heart Failure.

The management of the chronic HF patient continues to challenge the primary care provider. Most HF patients are managed by body weight, physical examination findings, and intermittent diagnostics like echocardiography. These traditional methods of evaluation often fail to aid the practitioner in detecting fluid overload and impending decompensation. Staggering healthcare costs and financial penalties associated with 30-day readmission served as the impetus for this study. The use of SOZO is predicated on a correlation between impedance measurements and established measures of fluid. Despite the small study size, correlations of the SOZO device impedance measurements with IVC, RAP, and PAS suggest a possible alternative method to detect fluid overload. The results suggest that there is a relationship that could be used at low cost, is noninvasive, and easy to use. However, due to limitations to the study design, further research is needed to determine the utility of the SOZO device.
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