Andrew J. Accardi, MD, James Thomas Heywood, MD, FACC, Anne Daleiden-Burns, ACNP

Bioimpedance Spectroscopy: a Predictor of Compensated Versus Decompensated Heart Failure in the Emergency Room

ECF%TBW has been shown to be a marker of fluid overload in patients presenting with dyspnea. Median ECF%TBW for decompensated, compensated, and control were 52.1%, 49.0%, and 44.8%, respectively. Statistically significant ECF%TBW differences were shown. This bedside BIS device provides instantly useful quantitative fluid status data at the point-of-care. When coupled with physical exam and traditional markers, BIS may provide additional value to assist in ER evaluation and triage, as well as other settings in which fluid status is monitored.
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