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L-Dex® U400

ImpediMed’s L-Dex® technology utilizes the characteristics of frequency dependent current flow to quantify changes in extracellular fluid in arms of female patients and the legs of male and female patients. These changes can aid the surgeon, oncologist and therapist in clinically assessing for unilateral lymphedema of the limb. The L-Dex technology is specific for extracellular fluid and as fluid accumulates, the L-Dex value increases on the scale. The L-Dex number provides an instant tool for aiding in the clinical assessment of unilateral lymphedema of the arm in women and the leg in men and women, as well as an easy way for clinicians to track extracellular fluid change in the patient's arm or leg over time.

An increase of ten (10) L-Dex units from a patient's baseline L-Dex value represents a change of three (3) standard deviations (3SD).  This has been demonstrated in a matched normal population to be potentially clinically relevant to the medical provider in aiding in the clinical assessment of unilateral lymphedema of the limb.

Note: The L-Dex U400: A bioelectrical impedance analyzer/monitor utilizing impedance ratios that supports the measurement of extra cellular fluid volume differences between the limbs to aid in the clinical assessment of unilateral lymphedema of the arm and leg in women and the leg in men.

Lymphedema Analysis PC Software - an optional PC software package that is intended to be used only with the ImpediMed L-Dex U400 analyzer/monitor for uploading data on to the PC from the L-Dex U400, processing and analyzing of bioimpedance measurements.
L-Dex U400


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